Honda Leasing is Great Option for Your New Honda

So, you've found the new Honda you've had your eye on. Congratulations. Now you need to consider your next step. How do you want to drive your new Honda car, truck, or SUV? Do you want to commit yourself for the long haul and finance your new Honda? Or does leasing appeal to your sense of adventure? Penske Honda Chula Vista believes Honda leasing has its advantages.

What is the difference between getting financing from Penske Honda Chula Vista, and leasing your next Honda? Both offer the freedom you want when you get behind the wheel. Financing offers confidence in knowing the Honda they are driving is theirs, outright, after fulfilling their financing obligations. Leasing offers the same feeling of accomplishment while providing the flexibility of being able to shift gears when your terms are up.

Financing, or taking working with a lender for a loan, can speak for itself. But the Leasing process may be foreign to some San Diego drivers. Penske Honda Chula Vista wants to help by listing a few Pros and Cons of leasing your next Honda car, truck or crossover.

Pros to Leasing Your New Honda

  • Enjoy the best years of its life: When you lease a Honda, you are driving it during its most worry-free time. Each lease term is usually around two or three years. That is before you hit a lot of the major maintenance milestones. And when you do experience an issue, it is most likely covered by your warranty.
  • Always get the latest technology: Every couple of years or so, you'll find a model goes through an update or refresh. When your lease terms expire, you are free to explore new models and new features that catch your fancy.
  • Pay less on your monthly payments: You could be paying as much as 60 percent less each month, on your new Honda. You pay based on the depreciation of the vehicle, instead of paying for the length you are likely to own your Honda.

Cons to Leasing a Honda

  • Miles limited to term agreement: Each leasing agreement comes with terms. Mileage is one of those terms. As soon as you approach that specified mileage, it will be time to renegotiate your terms. So, if you are someone who enjoys exploring every aspect of San Diego, that might be a somewhat disconcerting.
  • Pay more long term: If you love the car you are leasing, you are welcome to keep driving it after your initial term is reached, but it might cost a little more, the longer you drive. It comes down to you not paying off the principal that you would when you finance.
  • Few changes to lease agreement: Though you get a great selection of vehicles and features, you are limited to what the vehicle is equipped with. You can't make any physical modifications to showcase your personality. Because, eventually, you will likely be returning your Honda back to Penske Honda Chula Vista.

There is plenty the love about potentially leasing a new Honda from Penske Honda Chula Vista. The best way to enjoy your lease is the discover leasing specials to help you save even more on your payments. Enjoy the freedom and versatility you discover by leasing your next Honda from Penske Honda Chula Vista.

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