Should I Lease or Buy a Car in Southern California?

Leasing or buying a car in Southern California is all dependent on your income and daily driving habits and Penske Honda Chula Vista is ready to help! With two choices for financing, leasing or buying, you will have the option to choose a plan perfect for you. If you are looking for lower monthly payments right away, then a lease may be the choice for you, but if you are looking to enjoy your car for many years and build equity, then buying may be the option that speaks to you. In either case, we are ready to help and make sure your shopping and owning experience is out of this world!

Understanding these two options and the differences between the two is incredibly important to your shopping experience. A few of the big differences are:

  1. Lower monthly payments with a lease (generally)
  2. No mileage limit when you buy a car
  3. Get a new car more often when you lease
  4. Free to modify and upgrade your car, within the limits of the warranty, when you buy a car
  5. No need to worry about expensive and timely repairs with a lease because most larger repairs are not needed until higher mileage
  6. Have something for many years with no payments once your loan is paid off when you buy a car

Learn more about the differences with our Lease vs. Buy Guide!

Making the choice to lease or buy is incredibly important when you are a driver in the Chula Vista area, and here at Penske Honda Chula Vista, we are ready to better serve drivers in San Diego, El Cajon, and National City. We will be ready to make shopping and owning better. Find out what will happen it is time to return your lease. In addition, with our Honda Special, you can save more money than you have could expect!

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