Honda Xcelerator Startups Push the Future of Mobility

As we move further into the world of autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence the future of mobility is being shaped yet again. In Las Vegas, NV at CES 2018 the Honda Xcelerator startups have presented their new technologies to the world. Bringing years of research and innovation together to develop new technologies that are shaping what driving will look like in the future. These startups range from an emotional intelligence startup in New York City to high-accuracy GPS localization companies in Israel and bring us to realize that the future is shaping around us.

Personalizing Adaptive Cruise Control

One of the most exciting startups presented a way to bridge the gap between human preference and artificial intelligence. It's likely that you have heard of adaptive cruise control and a vehicles ability to maintain a set distance from a vehicle, slow down, stop, and start moving again on its own. This artificially intelligence is getting a layer of emotional intelligence built into it by BRAIQ that is using biometric information to help adaptive cruise control and autonomous vehicles be better adapted to individual preferences. We are excited to see what new technologies will be emerging in the future and making their way into future Honda vehicles.

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