How Do I Get Better Fuel Efficiency?

By driving in a less aggressive way, you will be able to go further per tank of gas.

We know that you want to find a model that will meet all of the needs of your life, which is why our team at Penske Honda Chula Vista wants to help provide all of the information that you could need before making your final decision. Fuel economy is an important factor to many people, and we want to let you know how to get the most out of any vehicle that you drive.

Driving Habits for Better Fuel Efficiency

Driving aggressively will hurt fuel efficiency, which means that passive driving will help you get the most out of each gallon of gas! A few things to remember that will help your fuel efficiency include:

  • Gentle Acceleration rather than slamming the gas
  • Keeping one speed rather than constantly accelerating and decelerating
  • Do the speed limit – faster speeds tend to use more gas
  • Decelerate by coasting to decelerate rather than harshly braking

Once you adopt one or a few of these habits, you will see that you are going further on each tank of gas.

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